Vladimir Titov

composer & pianist

Vladimir Titov & Svetlana Titova are the founders of the new style in 21st century music called Inspirism


13.08.2019 Article

Inspirism as New Sound of Reality Insight of Composers Vladimir and Svetlana Titovs   “Music in its perfection <…> delivers the brightest happiness possible on earth” Frederik Stendal   Miraculous and inconceivable field of human soul’s activity is CREATIVITY. In a broad sense, this sphere is versatile and infinite. Creativity reveals itself in each and every human intension, action, deed and thought. For this, only awareness of unicity, singlularity and greatest value ...

Vladimir Titov

03.12.2017 Article

Vladimir Titov Composer and Pianist “The world of music is beautiful and inexhaustible! The journey there is endless and magical!” – being the artistic credo of Vladimir Titov – a composer, pianist, enthusiastic musician, equally partaking of academic and jazz, folk and pop music, successfully performing his own compositions, as well as classical music and jazz improvisations. Vladimir Titov began his “journey” into the fancy music labyrinths in Novokuibyshevsk town of Samara region (Russia), ...

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